Gasification process

Gasification process

Gasification is a chemical reaction caused by heating material in an oxygen-starved environment, resulting in incomplete combustion
that drives off carbon-rich gasses. These gasses are then combusted in a thermal oxidizer with the addition of air. The main component of our gasification solution is a down-draft fixed-bed gasifier. This patented design is engineered to support a variety of fuels, including
manures and other biomass. Because the process takes place in an oxygen-starved environment, the formation of nitrous oxide (NOX) is controlled. The lowpressure system allows for gasification with no or minimal carryover of particulate matter from most fuels.

Gasification is often confused with incineration, although they are totally different processes. Incineration is the actual combustion or burning of solid fuels, which takes place at higher temperatures, combusts the material completely, and does not produce a carbon-rich EcoChar.

Gasification solution
The main component of our gasification solution is our down-draft fixed-bed gasifier. This patented design is generations ahead of wood-fueled systems and is engineered to support a variety of fuels, including manures and other biomass.

The gasification process takes place in the primary unit, in an oxygen-starved environment, thus controlling nitrous oxide (NOx) formation. The low-pressure system allows for gasification with no or minimal carryover of particulate matter from most fuels.

Processing syngas
The main product of gasification is carbon monoxide (CO) with some hydrogen and methane gasses, called synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas composition is fuel dependent, with temperatures typically ranging between 800-850 °C. As soon as the syngas leaves the gasifier and flows into the thermal oxidizer, ambient temperature air is introduced to oxidize the syngas, with the CO being converted to carbon dioxide (CO2). Retention time in the oxidizer is 1.2/2 sec (depending on local legislation). In this process a hot air stream is produced (energy content between 5.5-6.1MWth) of about 1000°C.

Output hot air
The ability to use the thermal energy product as direct heat, steam or electricity is a simple matter of adding equipment. The modular design makes construction quick and easy, and the addition of components is comparatively simple.

Output EcoChar
The solid output of the system is called EcoChar. Temperature control and retention time are critical in the quality of EcoChar, and these factors may vary depending on its application. In our gasifier temperature and retention time can easily be controlled to ensure the required output (for both the carbon monoxide and the quality of the Ecochar).

Web-based remote controlled
The system is web-based remote controlled, allowing off-site operation of the system if desired. This provides tremendous flexibility and oversight to the owner and the ability for real time troubleshooting which can eliminate downtime. The system has PLC controls which can be interfaced to most existing systems, and provides a wide range of flexibility in operating parameters and the ability to control the system to provide the proper amount of energy for the customer’s needs – both when and where they need it.

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Gasification process

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