Output EcoChar

Output EcoChar

Output EcoChar

The solid output of the system is called EcoChar. Temperature control and retention time are critical in the quality of EcoChar, and these factors may vary depending on its application. In our gasifier temperature and retention time can easily be controlled to ensure the required output (for both the carbon monoxide and the quality of the Ecochar).


Main Uses:

Soil improver: EcoChar is valuable for improving stability in soil. EcoChar deposits the carbon and nutrients from the source material back into the ground. Due to the absorbent nature of the char, EcoChar will enrich the soil, but in a form that is not susceptible to nutrient leeching/run-off.

Animal bedding: EcoChar can hold more than its own weight of moisture. EcoChar is highly effective at moisture and ammonia reduction, leading to a more pleasant environment and healthier animals. In poultry houses, weight gain consistently increased due to reduced ammonia and moisture content. An ammonia reduction of 30% was observed when using char in horse stalls.

Animal feed ingredient: EcoChar has a high content of P, K, Ca en Mg.

Water and active coal filtration: The ability of EcoChar to filter and absorb fine particulate makes it perfect for use in removing unwanted contaminants from water sources.

Heavy metal remediation: Research shows that the amount of different metals captured by EcoChar is higher than by an activated carbon product.

Air treatment: Activated carbon is an essential part of most odor filtration devices. EcoChar has been proven to be effective in odor reduction, and is viable as a filter medium. For example, EcoChar proves to be effective in the cleaning out of small pet cages such as guinea pig and rabbit. After the addition of EcoChar to their litter, the need for cleaning was reduced from every two days, to every two weeks.



Economic value EcoChar:
• Increases plant growth and improves performance over time
• Guarantees less ‘soak-away’ from high-quality nutrients
• Lowers the amount of fertilizers and nutrients needed

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