Mavitec Environmental introduces an energy-based environmental solution called gasification: a complete solution to transfer multiple organic/manure streams into green energy and EcoChar. Gasification offers a lot of advantages such as volume reduction up to 85%, renewable energy, reduction of CO2 and EcoChar, a valuable by-product of the gasification process.

EcoChar is an amazing product that can be used as soil improver. It still contains the mineral ash and fixed carbon, which offers great environmental advantages and economic value.

1. High content of P, K, Ca and Mg
2. Dry and free from pathogens
3. Holds 2.5 times its own weight with moisture
4. Guarantees less ‘soak-away’ from high quality nutrients
5. Odourless


Economic value
Because of these properties EcoChar will greatly improve soil fertility, lowers the amount of nutrients or fertilizer needed and reduces your carbon footprint. It is valuable for improving stability in soil as it is retained in the soil over many hundreds of years, unlike fertilizers which typically require annual application. Sustainable EcoChar is relatively inexpensive, widely applicable, and quickly scalable. EcoChar can easily be stored and transported and has a very interesting commercial value.

Main uses
• Soil amendment / improver (fertilizer)
• Animal bedding (absorbent)
• Animal feed ingredient
• Water and active coal filtration
• (Heavy) metal remediation
• Air treatment

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