Gasification: A new way of solving manure issues! Mavitec Environmental offers complete solutions to transfer various organic/manure streams into green energy and high value EcoChar. Gasification is an economic, ecological and ergonomic way of handling manure, litter and other organic waste into green energy and EcoChar, a high value biochar with a lot of applications such as soil improver or animal bedding.

Advantages gasification

  • Volume reduction up to 85%
  • Valuable EcoChar
  • Renewable energy
  • Reduction CO2

High Quality

With decades of experience we are able to fine tune your processes to ensure higher quality end-products and a better turnover as a result. Mavitec Environmental is able to offer cost effective solutions that guarantee the best handling of your material with the best appropriate hygiene standards. We offer a wide range of stand alone equipment and full processing lines, standard or custom made. Mavitec Environmental is your partner for turn-key solutions as well.