Output Thermal Energy

Output Thermal Energy

Synthesis Gas

The main product of gasification is carbon monoxide (CO) with some hydrogen and methane gasses, called synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas composition is fuel dependent, with temperatures typically ranging between 800-850°C. As soon as the syngas leaves the gasifier and flows into the thermal oxidizer, ambient temperature air is introduced to oxidize the syngas, with the CO being converted to carbon dioxide (CO2). Retention time in the oxidizer is 1.2/2 sec (depending on local legislation). In this process a hot air stream is produced (energy content
between 5.5-6.1MWth) of about 1000°C.


The ability to use the thermal energy product as direct heat, steam or electricity is a simple matter of adding equipment. The modular design makes construction quick and easy, and the addition of components is comparatively simple.


Our gasification solution can be used to take care of your waste streams and convert them into multiple revenue streams. Each project varies by fuel type, project size, and needs of the host facility. There are multiple value streams applicable that have a positive influence on the economics/ ROI of our gasification system. These are the key to a short payback period. Mavitec Environmental provides economic modeling to help you evaluate your potential projects, and not only solve your waste disposal problem but make it a feasible project.


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Output Thermal Energy

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