• 06Jun

    We are proud to announce the movie of our Gasification System!

    Mavitec Green Energy & Coaltec introduce a new way of solving the manure problem in the form of an energy-based environmental solution called gasification. Special thanks to Riverview Farms inc. Orleans, Indiana for making this movie possible!   Many products are suitable for gasification, including poultry litter/manure, porcine and cattle manure, sludge, and biosolids. Through Read more

  • 20Apr

    Biochar in Poultry Farming; profitable in many ways

    Interesting article of David Yarrow at terra-char.com about the different possibilities of using Biochar in poultry farming and converting raw waste – like manure, litter and organic waste – to stable carbon-rich biochar.   The Gassifier of Mavitec Green Energy is an economical, ecological, and ergonomic way of handling manure surplus with high quality Biochar, called EcoChar, as a Read more

  • 02Mar

    Feather meal and its large nutritional impact

    Poultry World published an interesting article about modern broiler processing plants which process huge amounts of birds, with a large tonnage of feathers, offal, trims, blood, etcetera. The processing of this waste as a feedstuff will play a part in solving the world’s protein needs by producing more animal protein and recreating a price structure.   Read more

  • 22Feb

    Mavitec Rendering has delivered rendering equipment for a high-tech Rendering plant in Russia!

    The new rendering plant is based in the Penza region, Russia and was built by Ruscontractor, part of the “Damate” group. The plant is equipped for processing turkey by-products (pen, fat, skin, bone) and will process 20.000 birds per day (average live weight 15 kg) with a yield of fat and protein like poultry meat Read more

  • 07Feb

    Manure management practices: Land application versus Gasification

    Elsevier and Biomass & Bioenergy published an article about the life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions of feedlot manure management practices: Land application versus Gassification.   The research shows that due to the environmental effects of syngas and biochar, gasification of feedlot manure is much more promising to reduce harmful emissions than is land application! Read more

  • 19Jan

    Food waste is a growing global issue, but fortunately solutions exist!

    One third of all good quality food produced in the world ends up as waste. Reducing food waste worldwide can make a significant contribution to tackling climate change. This inspired us to develop a new and innovative system for organic waste management: the Paddle Depacker, which enables operators to treat urban waste from “brown containers”.   See our article published in Read more

  • 20Dec
  • 13Dec

    Managing manure by land application or gasification

    Interesting article in Biomass & Bioenergy of Hanjing Wu et al.: Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions of feedlot manure management practices: Land application versus gasification.   Click here for the article

  • 06Dec

    The Protein Challenge 2040: shaping the future of food

    How can we meet the protein needs of 9 billion people in a way that is affordable, healthy and good for the environment? The Protein Challenge 2040 is a collaboration of international businesses and NGOs which aims to accelerate progress towards sustainable production and consumption of protein and help scale up impactful solutions.   The collaboration presented Read more

  • 25Oct

    Positive comparison EcoChar with activated carbon

    The Chemical Engineering Journal recently published the work from the Polish scientist on heavy metal remediation. In this article a comparison is made between our EcoChar and an activated carbon product. The research shows that the amount of different metals captured by EcoChar is higher than by an activated carbon product!   Please click here for the Read more