For a well-respected customer in the Middle East, Mavitec Environmental has installed four gasifiers: a smart and sustainable solution for manure issues and answer to growing need for soil fertility. After first startup the gasifiers run 24/7 producing 50 tons of EcoChar per day.

A large food producer that is fully vertical integrated from cattle to supermarket, has chosen Mavitec Environmental to solve his manure problem as well as soil fertility problem. The customer was not allowed to use fossil water for soil irrigation to feed his cattle anymore. As the desert is facing two major problems – dry soils and fossil water scarcity – the so-called center pivots irrigation fields, round circles of fertile soils to cultivate grain and other crops to feed his cattle, were forbidden by government. To make these grounds fertile the manure from his cattle and water were used. The combination of dry soil and slow water supply leads to water scarcity, so the use of water was no longer allowed from government. The result: a manure surplus and animal feed had to be imported from other countries.

Mavitec developed an innovative technology that converts various kinds of manure into green energy and EcoChar, a valuable by-product of the gasification process. Gasification ensures a smaller environmental carbon footprint and will be one of the answers to future energy needs. Gasification is a new way of solving manure issues and offers advantages such as volume reduction, production of renewable energy and reduction of CO2. The produced heat can be used as energy or hot air and the valuable by-product EcoChar is an amazing product that can be used as soil improver. It still contains the mineral ash and fixed carbon which offers great environmental advantages and economic value. EcoChar consists of 45% Carbon and the mineral content is high in P, K, Ca and Mg values. Moreover EcoChar is dry, free from pathogens and can retain more water than its own weight. It improves soil fertility, lowers the amount of nutrients needed and reduces your carbon footprint.

Circular agriculture
Four gasifiers can convert over 400 tons of chicken manure per day and the daily production of EcoChar is 50 tons.
Applying EcoChar in desert soil retains the water keeping the soil fertile. It enables sustainable agriculture and at the same time the manure problem is solved.

The complete installation is designed, built, and installed by Mavitec Environmental and consists of four gasifiers and two dryers.


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