Solving manure issue while improving the environment

Gasification mestprobleem oplossing

A recent article on describes Mavitec Environmental’s innovative process of converting animal manure into sustainable energy and EcoChar, which also serves as a soil improver. Hendrik Hijlkema highlights the technology’s potential in the Northern Netherlands. The process not only creates energy but also purifies water and reducing agricultural waste. You can read the full […]

EcoChar: economic and sustainable soil improver

Gasification Ecochar

Reduce CO2? Gasification is a sustainable solution to convert manure and other biosolids into renewable energy and EcoChar, the end-product of the gasification process. A new way of solving manure issues! Mavitec’s gasifier converts various kinds of manure and other biosolids into renewable energy and EcoChar, the end-product of the gasification process. Gasification ensures a […]


For a well-respected customer in the Middle East, Mavitec Environmental has installed four gasifiers: a smart and sustainable solution for manure issues and answer to growing need for soil fertility. After first startup the gasifiers run 24/7 producing 50 tons of EcoChar per day. A large food producer that is fully vertical integrated from cattle to […]

Mavitec Environmental participates in PPP Circular Growth Media

Mavitec Environmental is proud to participate in the PPP Circular Growth Media with EcoChar, a valuable by-product of Mavitec’s unique gasification process. In this Dutch initiative nine parties are joining forces to deploy new fibre products and organic residual products of high quality. EcoChar is an amazing product that can be used as soil improver. […]

Article: Converting biomass into renewable energy

Converting biomass into renewable energy and creating additional revenue streams. RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) wrote an interesting article about it in the Biobased Energy Guide. Mavitec developed an innovative technology that converts various kinds of manure into green energy and high value EcoChar, a valuable by-product of the gasification process. Gasification ensures a smaller environmental […]

Mavitec contributes to 70% lower CO2 footprint

Social responsibility. Not only by offering technologies that contribute to the least possible impact on the environment, also by acting! Last year Mavitec contributed to a lower CO2 footprint by using old pallets in stead of new. By using old pallets a reduction of 70% CO2 footprint is realized. By handing in our own pallets […]

New office! Mavitec Deutschland

From 1 February 2021 Mavitec Green Energy has established a new office in Germany: Mavitec Deutschland. To follow up the fast growing activities and demand for Mavitec Green Energy’s unique food waste & depackaging solutions, we are proud to announce the opening of our German office. Ready to intensify our services and support in order […]

New! Mavitec Group Brochure

Mavitec Group presents a new brochure! Read all about our company and our Rendering, Gasification and Green Energy solutions. Download the English version.

New location headquarters 2019

We’re moving! Next year Mavitec headquarters will be located in a new building. Due to continuous growth and expansion we are proud to announce that in Spring 2019 we will move to this new location in Heerhugowaard. This will give Mavitec Group the opportunity to continue its expansion plans in order to serve the industry […]

Reduce Co2, save the planet

Nice article in the November/December issue of Bio Energy Insight about Mavitec’s new way of solving manures issues. Interested in our gasification system? Please contact us: Reduce CO2 Save the Planet – BioEnergyInsight nov/dec 2018