Piston Pump

Piston Pump

Piston Pump


The Piston Pump moves any substance that can fit into a pipeline. Handles hot or cold, raw material or finished product with no chance of cross contamination.


  • Pumps hot or cold material.
  • Self-clearing, non-clogging valve.
  • State-of-the-art hydraulic system.
  • Unique one-piece piston.
  • Programmable controller.
  • Simple, low-maintenance design.
  • Allows metered pumping to feed or discharge material.
  • No pressure loss at low speeds.
  • Rotatable spade valve provides inlet position options.
  • Unique water box system prevents product contamination.
  • Self-priming cylinder.
  • Hardened, wear-resistant materials for product contact parts.


  • Up to 30.000 kg/hr. of byproducts.

For more technical information check out our product sheet of the Piston Pump