Research ‘Perspectives of EcoChar’

Spring 2018 Wageningen Research performed a desk study about the possible uses and regulations in Europe of EcoChar, initiated and funded by Mavitec. The promising results are available now at the website of Wageningen University.

Mavitec offers a new way of solving manure issues by producing a gasification system that converts manure into green energy and EcoChar.

Gasification offers a lot of advantages:
• Volume reduction up to 85%
• Renewable energy
• Reduction of CO2
• Production of EcoChar

This EcoChar is:
• Carbon-rich
• Dry and free from pathogens
• Can hold up 2.5 times its own weight with moisture
• Guarantees less soak-away
• Odourless

An amazing product with a lot of unique properties and applications such as soil improver and animal bedding.

We are working on European legislation to ease the use of this high valuable product. Together with our American partner EarthCare, we have been developing gasification systems since 2002. We have full scale plants operating in Ohio (cow manure), Orleans (chicken, turkey and hog litter), Nebraska (wet distillery grain), Georgia (food waste) and The Netherlands (pig manure). More installations are under construction in Russia and many projects are pending in the near future.

Download Research EcoChar  ‘Perspectives of Ecochar in Europe’

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