• 02Aug

    Member of IBI: International Biochar Initiative

    Proud to be member of IBI! And to make a contribution to IBI’s vision:

    ‘One billion tons of biochar produced per year within 50 years.’ 

    IBI provides a platform for hostering stakeholder collaboration, good industry practices and environmental and ethical standards to support biochar systems that are safe and economally viable. Mavitec’s gasification system is ready to make this ambition come true.


    Mavitec Environmental offers complete solutions to gasify organic streams into usable energy forms. Gasification is a new way of solving manure issues by converting various kinds of manure into green energy and EcoChar, a high value biochar with a lot of applications. Since July 2018, Mavitec Environmental is part of Mavitec Group and the result of a joint venture with the American company EarthCare.