Système de gazéification Krasnobor Russie

Système de gazéification Krasnobor Russie

Mavitec Environmental and Krasnobor have launched a new gasification plant. The Krasnobor agricultural holding has launched the production of organic fertilizers under the EcoChar brand. The fertilizers are produced from poultry litter through pyrolysis process. Krasnobor was the first among agricultural enterprises to use this technology on an industrial scale.

The product advantages lie in its composition which is nutritional due to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and high content of organic matter. EcoChar, apart from being a fertilizer for many agricultural crops, can also be used as an air and water filtering element, i.e. as an ameliorant, to adjust soil acidity.

“We are contributing to the development of environmentally friendly farming practices by repeatedly bringing sterile poultry litter into the new production cycle,” said Arkady Levin, General Director of the Krasnobor Agricultural Holding.


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