• 22Oct

    Article about our T-Pump in Pomp NL

    Pomp NL placed an article about our T-Pump solution in their magazine. This article is about the T-Pump as sewage sludge pump at Hoogheemraadschap, Warmenhuizen. Please click on the link below to download the article. Artikel Pomp NL

  • 02Sep

    Mavitec & Renes in Recycling magazine (Dutch)

    Recycling magazine have placed an article about the expansion of Renes Rotterdam. Please click on the link below to download the article. Article expansion Renes (Mavitec Equipment)

  • 18Jul

    New! kerbside waste recycling systems

    We developed a system for the recycling of kerbside waste. The kerbside waste recycling process handles domestic organic waste, commercial organic waste, shop returns from supermarkets and restaurant leftovers often packed in plastic bags. We have designed an unique system that is able to separate the organic from the inorganic material for the organic material Read more

  • 16Jul

    Food & Drink – Depackarater

    We have placed a small ad in Food & Drink issue. Below you can download this. It’s in the english language. Food & Drink issue

  • 13Jun

    Bulk & Recyling – Depackarater in the spotlight!

    Tanja Beugeldijk wrote a beautiful article about us with in the spotlight the Depackarater! The article is written in the Dutch language. Please download below the article in Dutch! Depackarater in Bulk & Recycling magazine 2013

  • 13Jun

    T-pump used for pumping dewatered sludge

    Mavitec Green Energy’s T-Pump has been adjusted to pump dewatered sludge in the Netherland with great succes! The first t-pump is in operation at the moment. The dutch magazine “Riolering” has written an article about this. Click here for the Article about our T-Pump in dutch magazine “Riolering”