• 16Jul

    Food & Drink – Depackarater

    We have placed a small ad in Food & Drink issue. Below you can download this. It’s in the english language. Food & Drink issue

  • 13Jun

    Bulk & Recyling – Depackarater in the spotlight!

    Tanja Beugeldijk wrote a beautiful article about us with in the spotlight the Depackarater! The article is written in the Dutch language. Please download below the article in Dutch! Depackarater in Bulk & Recycling magazine 2013

  • 13Jun

    T-pump used for pumping dewatered sludge

    Mavitec Green Energy’s T-Pump has been adjusted to pump dewatered sludge in the Netherland with great succes! The first t-pump is in operation at the moment. The dutch magazine “Riolering” has written an article about this. Click here for the Article about our T-Pump in dutch magazine “Riolering”