Old Batch cooker1991 was the year Dupps Europe started as an exclusive representative of The Dupps Company. The Dupps Company was already active in the rendering industry from the year 1935. In 2002 Dupps Europe was merged into Mavitec.

At the early stages Mavitec mainly sold spare parts and single components for existing Rendering plants. Later, under the name Mavitec, they exploited their activities to designing, building and installing turnkey rendering projects.

In 2008 Mavitec’s core business remained serving the rendering industry and in addition they developed a system for the food recycling industry under the name Mavitec Green Energy.

The Mavitec Group stands for high quality recycling processes. Offering complex process technology in a simple but effective manner and customized to the needs of the client are highly valued by Mavitec. Mavitec is an expert in building, coordination and delivery of individual components up to complete turnkey projects. Additionally, Mavitec offers 24/7 service, spare parts and maintenance.

The Mavitec Group is active worldwide and aims to find the best solution for your plant, offering innovative processes and professional people. With our network of local people around the globe speaking an array of languages, Mavitec helps you to get the maximum out of your business by offering you customized solutions.

Our production site in Turkey is ISO certified. Click here to go to the certificate.