Green Investments 4UOur gasification solution can be used to take care of your waste streams and convert them into multiple revenue streams. The biggest benefit of gasification is volume reduction.

Each project varies by fuel type, project size, and needs of the host facility. There are multiple value streams applicable that have a positive influence on the economics/ROI of our gasification system. These are the key to a short payback period!

We have divided the revenue streams in four categories:

1. Input; Waste streams:
– External Disposal fee’s
– Independent handling of own streams

2. Output; Hot air stream, could be used as:
– Pre-drying
– Electricity
– Steam
– Hot water
– Hot air

3. Output; EcoChar, could be used as:
– Super Fertilizer
– Bedding
– Animal feed supplements
– Water filtration medium

4. Environmental Credits:
– Renewable Energy
– Nutrients
– Carbon
– CO2 negative

We will provide economic modeling to help you evaluate your potential projects, and not only solve your waste disposal problem but make it a feasible project.

For more technical information check out our Product Flyer of the Gasification System

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