Process of wet kerbside waste recycling:Kerbsie waste recycling process with Paddle Depacker

1. The Kerbside waste is collected in a hopper or bin
2. A screw conveyor transports the material into the Paddle Depacker
3. The Paddle Depacker, by its rotating shaft, separates the organics from the packaging
4. Clean organic material will be collected under the Paddle Depacker and can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation
5. The removed packaging leaves the Paddle Depacker via a screw conveyor to the following options
6.1 Collected in a box
6.2 Transported with a screw conveyor into a dewatering press to reduce weight
6.3 Transported with a screw conveyor into the container
6.4 Transported with a screw conveyor into the Washing Drum for cleaning the packaging. The cleaned packaging is transported to option 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 and the organic material is pumped back into the process.

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