Kerbside_wasteThe Kerbside waste recycling process handles domestic organic waste, commercial organic waste, shop returns from supermarkets and restaurant leftovers often packed in plastic bags.

Application of kerbside waste
The organic co-products are highly digestible which make them ideal for biogas installations. Before anearobic digestion can take place the plastics, metal, carton or other materials first need to be removed. If these inorganics are not removed before entering the biogas installation it will cause all sorts of problems throughout the whole process. Problems like floating layers of inorganics, sedimentation of inorganics, wear on pump/piping etc. The inorganics will not digest and therefore the digestate cannot be spread across the land.

Kerbside waste recycling system
Mavitec Green Energy has developed a proven system for the separation of organic from non-organic materials. Our Kerbside waste system consists of a Paddle Depacker. In addition a Washing Drum can be added to produce even cleaner packaging (up to 99,7%) and therefore reduce the costs of removal.

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