Economic value EcoChar:
• Increases plant growth and improves performance over time
• Guarantees less ‘soak-away’ from high-quality nutrients
• Lowers the amount of fertilizers and nutrients needed

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Applications EcoChar:
• Fertilizer / soil improver
• Animal bedding
• Animal feed ingredient
• Water and active coal filtration
• (Heavy) metal remediation
• Air treatment

EcoChar still contains the mineral ash and fixed carbon which offers great advantages and economic value. It can increase the crop yields, boost the agriculture and even optimize the fertility of your own backyard. In addition it also has a variety of other uses, including animal feed supplements, beddings and use as a water filtration medium. Because of these properties EcoChar will greatly improve soil fertility, lowers the amount of nutrients or fertilizer needed and reduces your carbon footprint.

Sustainable EcoChar is one of the few technologies that is relatively inexpensive, widely applicable, and quickly scalable. EcoChar can easily be stored and transported and has a very interesting commercial value.