The solid output of the gasification system is called EcoChar.

The residue EcoChar is a carbon-rich product obtained when biomass is heated in a closed container, in either an oxygen-starved or oxygen free environment. EcoChar consist of high P and K (Mg or Ca) values, can hold 2.5 times its volume in moisture and therefore attracts and has a carbon-negative process Co2:C ratio = 3:1. Because of these characteristics EcoChar will greatly improve soil fertility, lowers the amount of nutrients or fertilizer needed and reduce your carbon footprint.

EcoChar properties:

• High content of P, K, Ca en Mg
• Dry and free of pathogens
• Holds 2.5 times its own weight with moisture
• Guarantees less ‘soak-away’ from high quality nutrients
• Odourless

What is EcoChar?

To better understand what EcoChar is, you can compare it with Biochar. Biochar is retained in the soil over thousands of years and it enriches the soil. The “black earth”, or Terra Preta, of the Amazon Rain Forest is noted worldwide as being one of the most fertile soils, because of the biochar material in it.

This Biochar is generated out of wood and consist of only a few nutrients compared to EcoChar.

If a biomass material such as manure, litter or biosolids is used in our gasifier, the EcoChar output has superior nutrient-retention properties and is even more valuable for improving stability in soil then Biochar. EcoChar is in fact the premium version of biochar. It can increase the crop yields, boost the agriculture and even optimize the fertility of your own backyard. In addition it also has a variety of other uses, including animal feed supplements, beddings, and use as a water filtration medium.


Composition of EcoChar

Biomass materials contain carbon in two forms – fixed carbon and volatile matter. The carbon in the volatile matter is reacted in the gasification process, while the fixed carbon is left behind in the output of the system.

Manure will contain anywhere from 15 to 30% mineral ash, and 6 to 18% fixed carbon. This produces an EcoChar with a carbon content around 20 to 25%, but containing an array of beneficial nutrients – P(Phosphorus), K(Potassium), Ca(Calcium), and Mg(Magnesium).

Due to the high temperatures and retention time, EcoChar from manure or chicken litter is guaranteed free from pathogens, E-coli, growth hormones and residues from medications.

EcoChar can be vastly different depending on the way that it is produced and the materials from which it was created. In the following table the typical composition EcoChar products are shown:

Typical composition of EcoChar products

Typical composition of EcoChar products

Examples of EcoChar:

It is possible to gasify a wide variety of fuels. Most feasible fuels to gasify have a high output of syngas combined with a high quality output of EcoChar. Based on the characteristics of the fuel being gasified, EcoChar is available in variable qualities and quantities.

Examples of fuels (manure) to gasify:
• Cow manure
• Pig manure
• Turkey litter
• Poultry litter
• Layer manure
• Wet distillery grain

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